By: Lee Ann Jackson October 13, 2022

Video is a top focus for Instagram right now as video engagement continues to grow.

But how significant is video on Instagram, and which formats are driving the most engagement?

Reels are seeing the most reach on the platform, by a notable margin.  This chart from HypeAuditor shows that reels are the best option, at present, for maximizing reach and engagement in the app.  Yet, on average, Reels content only represents 7.5% of a brand’s content (excluding Stories).

What does this mean for your radio station?

This could present a significant opportunity for stations to get more attention for their Reels content.  Reels have been shown to increase engagement by 22% compared to regular videos and, 675.3 million users can be reached out to with Instagram Reels Ad.

Incorporating Reels into your Instagram marketing strategy is a must if you’re serious about growing your brand and online presence.   If you’re not making Reels yet, start today – contact me for a list of resources on how to begin!


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