By: Michelle Blood October 31, 2016

The world doesn’t have much faith in Christianity.  Nonbelievers often assume people believe the Bible because they’re superstitious or stuck in the past. So what’s the best way to represent Christ in this world?  How can your decisions, character, and conduct cause non-believing neighbors, coworkers, friends and family to take an interest in the gospel?

This month on “Grace to You,” John MacArthur answers those questions in a study called Singing the Lord’s Song in a Strange Land.  This series airs 11/7-20.

Then later this month, encourage your listeners to tune in for a special week of Thanksgiving programming (11/21-27), as John looks at the greatest reason believers have to be thankful—redemption.

More of what programming lies ahead and the resources to support them can be found in November’s Program Tool Kit on this page.  With the launch of our new website, you’ll see we’ve made a few changes.  Feel free to provide us your feedback on the new layout.  We’d appreciate that!

Last week, I had the privilege of hearing John MacArthur encourage 250 pastors at local station’s breakfast.  From 2 Timothy 4, John delivered a clear and concise message on the importance of being certain of our convictions and living those out on a daily basis.  With so much at stake, no matter who is elected president, that’s a message we can’t ignore and by all accounts the audience of pastors agreed.  In fact, several made their way up to the stage to greet John personally, including one young pastor pictured above.

On behalf of Grace to You, thank you for all you do to bring the Word of God to your listeners.  We are grateful beyond words for your continued partnership!  If there’s ever anything we can do to support your efforts, please let us know.

Blessings to you and your family this Thanksgiving!


Michelle Blood

Ambassador: We Connect. Ministry and Media.


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