By: Jennifer Perez June 13, 2016

Last December, I was sitting with my Dad and family in a hospital waiting room while my Mom underwent open heart surgery.  I still remember the shocking news coming from the TV that afternoon as we learned about the shooting in San Bernardino, not too far from my home in Orange County.  I felt hopeless and actually a bit guilty as it was a time where my attention was more focused on the immediate help that my parents needed.

Then came the attacks on Paris and other parts of the world.  And then, this past weekend, to wake up to news of yet another horrible and senseless tragedy in Orlando, the worst shooting ever in our nation.  It grieves me greatly, and makes me ask, when will this end?

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that when I listened to today’s “Revive Our Heartsprogram, Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth is teaching on Ezekiel 47.  She shares that it’s easy to focus on bad news in our nation and around the world, but she gives us the reminder that God’s Kingdom is advancing in surprising ways.

When we can’t make sense of the cancer diagnosis, the sudden loss of a loved one, or a spouse who abandons their family, Nancy provides the hope and vision from God’s Word, noting that it’s in the Lord’s presence where life and growth happen.  As believers, we must keep our eyes open and see how the Lord is at work even when tragedy strikes.

I’m grateful for Nancy who consistently points us to God’s Truth, reviving our hearts in the process.  Read what a faithful listener, a pastor, recently shared . . .

“In an age when so many in the church are straying more and more from sound, exegetical teaching of the Scriptures in a relevant way; you do not, and I so applaud your efforts!  Your teaching ministry is exemplary and not only serves women, but anyone who listens.”

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Jennifer Perez

Ambassador: We Connect. Ministry and Media.


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