By: Jennifer Perez July 20, 2018

In his monthly letter to supporters of the Colson Center, John Stonestreet said that Chuck Colson held a deep passion for God’s Word.  He goes onto share . . .

Every follower of Jesus should be committed to the enduring sufficiency and power of the Bible—by which God has revealed Himself.  The Bible is the only bedrock for building a robust Christian worldview.

But as we know, what passes for a Christian worldview these days is unfortunately too often disconnected from Scripture.  Many confuse political or cultural values—and even personal experience and feelings—with an authentically Christian worldview.

The only way to ensure you hold a truly Christian worldview is to root it deeply and unapologetically in the Bible.

This is why John is particularly excited about the release of the brand-new CSB Worldview Study Bible.  He’s convinced that it’s an invaluable resource to help you and your listeners grow an authentic Christian worldview—one that’s firmly rooted in God’s Word!  To get a taste of the helpful notes and articles you’ll find in the CSB Worldview Study Bible, download a free copy of John’s contribution, “What Is a Human?”

And we thank you for your partnership in airing BreakPoint programming as it equips listeners with a biblical worldview for living in this cultural moment.  Chuck was able to point the church to cultural issues more than anyone else of the last generation.  He made the church care about culture, and now John, Eric Metaxas, and others continue this message, informing the next generation via this unique platform.


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