By: Haley Jessup January 15, 2018

One of my favorite things about my dad is the sacrifices he so quietly and humbly makes.

No matter the task, he is the first person to step up and serve, and the last person to let you help. I’ve always admired this in him, and I know those closest to him have expressed the same.

What’s been especially meaningful to me over the last several years has been seeing my dad as not only an example to me, but to my husband, Brian, as well.

I remember one night in particular when Brian randomly looked over at me and said, “I want to be more like your dad.”

Don Stephens recently shared in a broadcast of The Mercy Minute:

“Mercy is simply putting others ahead of yourself.”

What’s true is … the mercy that my dad has extended to me throughout my lifetime has been simple acts with big impact. And this is the call to action that’s expressed daily in The Mercy Minute.

I’m grateful for your partnership in encouraging listeners to extend this kind of mercy each and every day … an example that’s shown to us by Christ all over Scripture.

As Don Stephens always says, “Now you go, share mercy wherever you go!”


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