By: Jennifer Perez March 9, 2020

In an upcoming edition of “The Garlow Perspective,” Dr. Jim Garlow shares some statistics which indicate a startling and sobering truth.

He shares . . .

A George Barna study conducted over a long span of time reveals that 92% of people in church pews don’t have a biblical worldview!  They don’t see the world and its events through the lens of Scripture.

So what are the characteristics of the 8% who DO have the required worldview?

You reach out to everybody.

You care for everybody.

You want to share the faith that’s in you.

You have a passion to care.  That doesn’t change.  But you will not capitulate on the essence of the truth for the sake of gaining affirmation and compromise.

It means your thought life is different.

The words that come out of you are different, and your hunger to be well-versed in the Word is profoundly intensified.

In short, you worship the one true God, the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Learn more about the ways Jim & Rosemary Garlow are training listeners like those in your audience to be well versed.


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