By: Lee Ann Jackson March 13, 2017

When I got back from the gym this morning, my youngest was rushing to get ready for school and asked the time, and I told her that it was almost 7:00am. “Real 7:00 or fake 7:00?” she asked. Not a surprising question considering that half of our clocks – the digital ones connected to phones and computers – sprung forward automatically last night while the other half, still have the “old” time this morning. That’s because last night, time sprung ahead in some parts of the world, ours included, for Daylight Saving Time (DST).

Having just been at the National Religious Broadcasters recently and spending time with Brad Mattes and “Life Issues” station partners, I was reminded that this isn’t just the season for our clocks to “Spring Forward,” we need to Spring Forward in our advancement of life!  Now more than ever, we need to remain diligent to restore a culture that values human life, young and old, born and unborn.

Take a moment and watch the Facebook Live interview Brad recorded at NRB with Jack Pelon, General Manager of KPOF-AM (Denver CO) for a first-hand account of the status on the life issue front:

It’s such an uplifting time to be pro-life and advocate for that! @Brad Mattes @LifeIssuesUSA  [Tweet this]

We need to remind elected officials to support key pro-life initiatives. @BradMattes @LifeIssuesUSA  [Tweet this]

Many Americans don’t see the benefit of Daylight Saving Time (I’ve come across polls in which just 36% of those asked find it necessary).  In fact, I have to wonder how many would claim DST has made them early or late for an appointment because they didn’t set their clocks the right way!

While it’s said that timing is everything, beyond setting our clocks ahead one hour, let’s set our minds and hearts to Spring Forward on all matters regarding life – as Brad shares, we need to “Pray, pray and pray – get involved as stewards of this nation!”

(Not airing the one-minute pro-life commentary, “Life Issues” yet?  Contact me to spring into action today!)


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