By: Jennifer Perez July 17, 2018

So you want to engage a co-worker or a friend in a meaningful conversation about Christ?  Here’s how you start.  Do it by listening.

Find out where that person is in their life, in their thoughts.  Ask them the question, “Tell me about your spiritual journey.”  Or one of my favorite opening questions is, “Are you a follower of Jesus or are you still on the journey?”  Or, “Do you ever think much about spiritual things?”

The answer is, everyone does, so when you ask them one of these questions, it’s a way to validate their journey.  And it’s your way to validate their thoughts.

And once you’ve listened, you’ve earned the right to share something.  First, because of the consistency in your own life; and second, because you’ve listened.

Listeners of “The Garlow Perspective” will hear this message on an upcoming program.  As Jim Garlow shares each day, it’s valuable insight and a great reminder for us to be intentional in listening to the perspective of others before we share everything we know.


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