By: Lee Ann Jackson June 11, 2017

My 15 year old daughter and I were asked to go on a short term missions trip to Ecuador this coming July.  After prayerful consideration, we said yes.

It seems the second we said “yes” is when the doubts and concern started . . . the list of immunizations needed, the time away from home, the travel, the funding needed and for me, the ever present, “I can’t do this” when we learned that in addition to leading a Vacation Bible School, I’d be sharing the Gospel to children in predominantly Catholic neighborhoods . . . in Spanish.

That’s when two things happened:

  • I was reminded that “He doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called.” Indeed, He has proven this to me countless times . . . why is it that in our weakest moments, we lose sight of this reality – of His strength in us.
  • My daughter shared at a church missions gathering that the main thing we needed was prayer. Again, a reminder of a truth I’ve experienced so many times.   He invites us come to Him in prayer . . . from the mundane needs to those most stretching . . . like a mission’s trip.

So, why do I struggle with prayer?

Anne Graham Lotz shares that she too has struggled with prayer:

“In fact, it’s been the biggest fight of my Christian walk. I have constantly seemed to struggle with concentration, content, and consistency.”

It’s from this place of struggle that Anne begins the Daniel Prayer initiative this week.  Noting that the Daniel Prayer has taught her and motivated her to pray as Daniel prayed,  Anne invites us all to learn to pray powerfully to change others lives . . . and our own lives.

Following the pattern of Daniel’s original prayer, she helps us develop a more meaningful and powerful prayer life.  She notes that as we learn how to

“storm the gates of Heaven and refuse to let go, we will see real change in the lives of not only those we are praying for, but also our own.”

You can invite your listeners to access the 6 free study videos and downloads here.

“My prayer for you is that by the end of this study, your own prayers will have become so much more vibrant and effective that Heaven is moved and your world and our nation are changed” – Anne


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