By: Charley Mefferd June 28, 2019

There is no better feeling than heading to the airport or off on road trip for a summer vacation!  It’s a great time to put the cares of the world and pressures of work on hold and make enduring memories with family and friends.

But it’s no time to “get away” from sharing your faith since, no matter where you go, you will likely interact with many people outside of your normal orbit who may not know Christ!

John Sorensen, president of Evangelism Explosion recently offered some great tips for spreading the gospel during a summer vacation on his daily 1-minute radio feature, Share Life Today.  He says,

First, before you leave, pray together as a family that God will use you on this trip. Next, as you’re packing, remember to pack plenty of gospel tracts, Gospels of John and maybe one of our Kids EE cubes. Then, make a conscious point to be intentional to leave them with people you meet. Remember to leave tracts for hotel clean-up crews, too, along with your tip. Also, ask locals for information on Sunday services. It could start a great gospel conversation. So, enjoy your getaway and take the gospel with you on this year’s summer vacation.

Evangelism Explosion offers a tremendous amount of resources to help your listeners better share their faith.  Check out their website, ShareLife.Today.  If you’d like to interview John Sorensen about how to take advantage of summertime travel to spread the gospel, please drop me a note at


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