Charlotte McLemoreAssistant Accounting Manager

Meet Charlotte McLemore, the newest addition to the Ambassador family.  Raised in Louisiana, her four brothers decided early in life that “Charlie” (as she now prefers to be called) was the best nickname for their big sister!

Graduating from LSU with a degree in Business Administration, Charlie went on to earn her master’s degree in Accounting at University of Phoenix.

While commuting on a city bus, Charlie met her husband Lou (formerly in the Marine Corps).  They were both temporarily without a car and the result was “My Fare Lady.”  Now, after 32 years of marriage, the family includes three children and two grandchildren.

The McLemores attend Zoe Christian Fellowship (Whittier), where they’re involved in a number of different ministries, including the mentoring of young marrieds.

An avid user of a “Cricut” machine, Charlie calls herself a “Craftinator” and “Villager.”  At Christmas, her Santa’s village takes two weeks of steady set-up!

And … her lifelong goal is to learn the keyboard sufficiently to “play more than just Frere Jacques” on their piano at home.  Check with us in a year on that front!

And for more about Charlie, we asked her to fill in the blanks below!

The best sound in the world is . . . “Food’s ready!”

On Saturday morning, I’m likely to . . . Craftinate (defined as avoiding or delaying necessary household chores i.e., laundry, cleaning, etc. to work on some craft project.  I’m a super craftinator around Christmas time)

One place I hope to visit someday is . . . Fairfax, Alaska, to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).

Happy memories always hit me with the aroma of . . . lightly rain soaked grass. (Summertime was always extremely hot where I grew up.  It was always cooler after the rain.  Everyone would go outside, thankful for the reduced temperature and the most potent aroma was the smell of the grass). A freshly mowed lawn has the same effect on me. J