Michelle BloodMedia Strategist

When you walk into Michelle’s office the first thing you see is a sign that says “Blessed!” And you’ll get a sense from her that she is blessed, and we would say, “she blesses us.”

Michelle’s 20-year (and counting!) tenure with Ambassador brings a breadth of service that makes her an invaluable partner for the ministries we represent. And that’s true not only in the trusted station relationships she’s garnered over the years, but in fully understanding the scope of today’s Christian radio industry and bringing her expertise to both new and established ministries we serve.

Michelle and her husband Steve make their home in the city of Fullerton. Michelle is “mom” to son, Joe and daughter-in-law, Kari, and “Nana” to grandson, Jameson, whom they welcomed into the family in 2016!

The Bloods attend Kindred Community Church where Philip De Courcy is the pastor.

When asked for a glimpse of the “behind the scenes Michelle” she responded:

I’d like a ticket to. . .Ireland!

On a free afternoon, you’ll find me. . . wondering how I ended up with a free afternoon. Then I’d sit down, put my feet up and listen to some music, read a book, or watch a movie.

My greatest joy is. . . watching the hand of God move in my life and in the lives of those I dearly love.

I never turn down. . . pastries. I should, but never do!