By: Lee Ann Jackson June 1, 2019

There are times in American history when a single day transformed the nation – June 6, 1944 is one of those times.

This Thursday, marks the 75th anniversary of such a day . . . D-Day.  In history’s biggest amphibious invasion,  Allied forces came ashore to launch Operation Overlord to seize Normandy from Nazi control.

It’s hard to conceive the full impact of this significant battle.  The day the Allied powers crossed the English Channel and landed on the beaches of Normandy, France, included over 5,000 ships and 11,000 airplanes, and over 150,000 service men.   Within three months, the northern part of France would be freed and the invasion force would be preparing to enter Germany, where they would meet up with Soviet forces moving in from the east.

In a special “Life Issues” feature airing on the anniversary of D-Day,  Brad Mattes, shares,

We remember the lives lost that day, and celebrate those who survived.  These patriots bled and died to keep America free.

As written on the website of the the National D-Day Memorial, it all came down to this:

The boat ramp goes down, then jump, swim, run, and crawl to the cliffs.   Many of the first young men (most not yet 20 years old) entered the surf carrying eighty pounds of equipment. They faced over 200 yards of beach before reaching the first natural feature offering any protection. When it was over, the Allied Forces had suffered nearly 10,000 casualties; more than 4,000 were dead. Yet somehow, due to planning and preparation, and due to the valor, fidelity, and sacrifice of the Allied Forces, Fortress Europe had been breached.

Brad reflects on the day in history,

The most basic right we enjoy is the right to life.  Without it, there are no other rights.  Join me in thanking our brave soldiers and their families who sacrificed so much to make D-Day such a momentous event for America, Europe and countries around the globe.

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