By: Charley Mefferd August 13, 2018

Summer has gone by too fast, and we’re preparing once again to drop our oldest off at college.

One of the many things I thank God for is the many churches that reach out to college students just like our daughter. Many of them offer Bible studies, small groups, prayer gatherings and even individual mentoring. My wife and I are grateful that through that kind of outreach and care, our daughter has been able to find a good church and Christian friends while she lives away from home.

In a recent Share Life Today, John Sorensen challenged listeners in college towns to specifically reach out to students and to treat their presence as a personal mission field.  John said,

Students who come from out-of-state may be looking for a welcoming church that will provide family activities, such as Sunday dinner in a member’s home or a Saturday activity off campus.  This can be a wonderful way to help a Christian student remain faithful to Christ.  Too often, today we hear of Christian students walking away from their faith during these pivotal years. A local congregation or group of members with a heart for young people can make a tremendous difference.

John is right.  The best way to combat having a college student not fall away from the faith is to welcome them into a local church and keep them engaged with like-minded-believers, who can provide the spiritual stability that they lack when they are away from home.

If this reminder would be helpful to your listeners and you don’t yet air Share Life Today, we’d encourage you to do so.  Please let me know by emailing me at


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