By: Jennifer Perez October 22, 2019

“The best way to raise kids who do not become cultural Christians is to be parents who are not cultural Christians.  Be Christians by conviction, not by culture.” – Dean Inserra, author of “The Unsaved Christian”

I came across this quote shortly after hearing a recent BreakPoint commentary by John Stonestreet called Toy Box Propaganda: Lies Too Dangerous to Ignore where he shares that while wise parents keep their kids from being influenced by the lies in our culture, we’re at a point when ignoring these false messages and hoping they’ll go away is not only impossible, but it’s dangerous.

He describes recent news stories that drive this point home:

  • Disney plans to out Elsa as a lesbian in the next “Frozen” film
  • Webster’s Dictionary announced it’s now acceptable English to use the plural pronoun “they” as a gender-neutral singular pronoun
  • Barbie-maker Mattel has introduced a new line of gender-neutral dolls

John says,

Culture is most powerful not where it’s loud and in-your-face, but where it’s quiet and assuming.  We’ve experienced these shifts in culture.  Our kids haven’t.  So, the abnormal becomes normal without any arguments even being made.  We might find that, before we have even taken the time to point out the lies to our kids and counter them, they’ve already accepted them as normal.

Instead of ignoring the stuff in movies, commercials, television, and music, and hoping it goes over their heads, take the time to point it out and discuss it with your son or daughter in an age-appropriate way.  Help them to understand they’re being sold more than toys and entertainment.  They’re being sold a false worldview.

The best defense against a false worldview is to notice it, and to expose it for what it is.

I appreciate John’s encouragement for us parents to teach our children the truths of the faith—including God’s design of male and female—with the same dedication and persistence the culture does in teaching lies.

And we thank you for sharing these important messages with your listeners by airing BreakPoint programs on your station.


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