By: Michelle Blood April 24, 2017

My dad came to the Lord at age 72 and for the following 10 plus years he voraciously read his Bible and listened to John MacArthur’s messages (at least until dementia made it impossible for him to concentrate).   About four years ago—around the same time my dad’s health (and memory) was deteriorating—he told me, “If the Lord took me home today that’d be okay.”  Because of his study in God’s Word, he was confident of where he was going once he died, and very much at peace with that.

Last year when my dad was hospitalized with no chance of recovery, it was his words that comforted me.  And, during his time in the hospital on the rare occasion when I saw the fear of death on his face, I reminded him of what he said four years ago.  With that, peace replaced the fear—for both of us.

It’s possible some of your listeners are either in the midst of coming alongside a loved one who is terminally ill or providing caregiving to an elderly parent.  Whatever the case may be, encourage them to tune in this month for “Grace to You,” when John MacArthur looks at what Scripture says about death and what comes after it.  In this brand-new study, John will show us that The End Is Not the End (airing May 19-26) and how these important lessons can help believers counsel friends and loved ones nearing death as well as explain how to be free from fear and face eternity with peace and joy—in the same way my father did.

By the way, there are many other helpful resources at on this same topic, including John’s book The Glory of Heaven.   A must-read for anyone wanting to know the truth about our eternal home.  Granted, this is a sobering subject—but for believers, not one without hope!

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