By: Haley Jessup December 12, 2016

Did you know, 80% of the world’s fractures and the majority of club feet occur in developing nations?

Can you imagine not only being born with a club foot, but—on top of that—not even having the option to treat it?

For those without access to medical care, this is a reality. They experience pain, suffering, and shame from this defect each and every day, and they can’t even dream of getting it corrected.

Thankfully, Mercy Ships has developed an orthopedics program that the crew rolls out at each field service.  This program includes transformative surgeries as well as teaching local healthcare providers ways in which they can treat club feet non-surgically.

In talking about some of her patients, Jenica Gammie (volunteer nurse), said:

They never even dared to dream before and now, suddenly, it’s a reality that they can dream and these dreams could actually come true.

This Christmas, we will give and receive a number of gifts. But Mercy Ships will give the greatest gift of all … a gift that provides hope, delivers a future, and—most importantly—shares the love of Christ.

And the truth is, you share in giving this gift daily by airing “The Mercy Minute”!

Thank you for your partnership … wishing you every blessing of the season!

PS: For more on Mercy Ships’ orthopedic program, click here >>


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