By: Jennifer Perez August 19, 2018

“Why did you become a pastor?”

Pastor Jim Garlow says that this is a question he is pleased to answer.  On a recent edition of his radio feature, “The Garlow Perspective,” Jim shared his response . . .

First, it’s God’s call on my life.  But the framework of that calling began when I was a child.  Church was always an adventure to us as a family.  Even on vacations, going to a worship service was a meaningful part of each trip.  Even guests who came to visit us knew they’d be going to church with us Sunday morning.

It’s clear that Jim loves the church and is passionate about its purpose.  He goes on to share his challenge and encouragement for parents . . .

Never treat church as just one of several options.  If you’re not in a church worth the commitment for you and your family, then find one that is!  It isn’t the task of the church to get Jesus in the heart of your child.  That’s your job.  The purpose is to support you as a unique family unit—one that God has ordained to help you do your job in establishing Jesus in the heart of your child!

And his call to pastors?  That’s the topic of another feature.  For more about Jim Garlow and his program, visit


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