By: Michelle Blood December 3, 2019

“Biblical truth is everything.  By it, you’re saved … you’re sanctified … you’re edified … you’re confronted … you’re comforted.  All that you need, spiritually-speaking, comes from the Word of God.”  —John MacArthur

I heard these words as I was listening to “Grace to You” on my way into work on Monday.  It reminded of a similar message John MacArthur gave at the Truth Matters conference back in October.  Here are a few notes I took that day:

The Word of God is perfect, complete, trustworthy … has the power to restore and transform the soul … and it endures forever.

Reflecting on both messages and it’s clear why the sufficiency of God’s Word is the foundation of John’s ministry.  And even more so, why this study is one of his most popular from the past 50 years.  Listeners tuning in this week will hear why the Bible can help us through our most difficult trials, especially during this holiday season, and why it’s all we need for living here on earth.  The Sufficiency of Scripture airs through Thursday (12/5) and again this weekend (12/7-8).

(By the way, if you weren’t able to attend or watch the live stream of Truth Matters, many of the featured sessions, including my favorite above–The Blessed Work of the Sufficient Word, from Psalm 19:7-9–are now available at

Then starting next week and airing through the 25th, “Grace to You” presents John’s most popular Christmas sermons from five decades in ministry.  It’s an in-depth look at Christ’s birth and the salvation He brings to mankind.  We’re confident after this month’s of broadcasts, your listeners will enter into 2020 with a better understanding of why Christ is worthy of our worship … and, more importantly, why biblical truth is everything we need for our daily lives.

To get the complete program schedule with scripted promos and corollary resources available in December, go here.

In the meantime, hope you and yours enjoy the merriment of this Holy season as you worship Christ the newborn King!


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