By: Jennifer Perez October 15, 2018

October is a dedicated time when we show our appreciation for the pastors in our life, thanking them for their service and for their unique ministry to us personally. While I don’t regularly sit in the pew at Pastor Jim Garlow’s Skyline Church, I’m grateful for his leadership there in the San Diego area and also for his ministry to governmental leaders in Washington, DC.

And this month on his daily feature, “The Garlow Perspective,” Pastor Jim Garlow continues a series based on content from his new book, “This Precarious Moment” and the section that addresses issues with the church.

On a recent program, Jim spoke of “Useless Watchdogs” stating . . .

Our nation is moving in the wrong direction—so what are we doing about it?

Sixty-five percent of Christians, that’s two out of three, say they’re hungry for more information on what the Bible teaches in relation to current cultural and political issues. What people are hungry for is what God has already said they should be given.

Multiple studies have shown that “one of the primary reasons people are dropping out of churches in record numbers is because they believe it to be irrelevant to life in these days.” If we don’t feed the people and give them fresh food that meets their needs, scripture says they’ll be picked off by the wolves so plentiful throughout our culture!

Isaiah 56:10 warns: “For the leaders of my people, the Lord’s watchmen, His shepherds, are like silent watchdogs that give no warning when danger comes.”

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