By: Jennifer Perez August 29, 2018

These are interesting days filled with constant change.  It’s a time that Pastor Jim Garlow describes as a precarious moment in our history—also the title of his latest book . . .

THIS PRECARIOUS MOMENT: 6 Urgent Steps That Will Save You, Your Family and Our Country

I was curious about the word precarious so I looked it up and Webster defines it as:

– dependent on uncertain premises: dubious

– dependent on chance circumstances, unknown conditions, or uncertain developments

– characterized by a lack of security or stability that threatens with danger

During the week of September 10—14, Jim teaches from a section of his book on helping the listener understand and speak biblical truth with millennials.  Jim says, “Unless we intentionally encourage them to love truth, they won’t develop the habit of seeking truth.”

More from Jim . . .

Young people of today have grown up in an atmosphere particularly unfriendly to Christianity, biblical truth, and traditional values!  Peer pressure has been a significant influence on our youth, a primary source being social media—it’s where their friends gather and share unfiltered opinions.  Millennials have been raised largely in an atmosphere devoid of absolute truth—in many cases not knowing that all ideas have consequences that can and should be measured.

Approach a young person with the characteristics associated with God’s wisdom in James 3: “the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason…”

And he has a word for leaders who wish to connect with millennials . . .

Successful leaders motivate young people, not through criticism but through deserved praise and positive feedback.  Millennials are generally moved by emotion and heart rather than numbers, facts, or even what we present as “truth.”  What you’ll discover is that they’re motivated and open to change through relationships.  And that opens a door for you as a mentor and a model to them.  Become friends with young people.  Invest in their lives.  You’re up against a culture that has dismally failed them, and as a result failed an entire nation.

There’s a lot more to help your listeners in this precarious moment in our history as Jim shares throughout September on “The Garlow Perspective.”  If you’re not already airing this daily one-minute feature, contact me to get started.


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