By: Lee Ann Jackson February 2, 2023

It’s not new news that Twitter has been going through a massive internal shift these past few months.  Amidst all the changes though, it remains a “go-to” daily platform for me – news, trends, radio station activity and, because of the ministries and stations I follow, an added element to my daily spiritual walk (shared Bible verses, quotes, Biblical resources, etc.).

The bottom line – there are opportunities within all that and Twitter still provides the potential for connecting with listeners and building radio station brand awareness:

  1. Promote radio station events – use the opportunity to make sure the community knows your station is a positive and engaged voice on-the-air and on-the-ground.
  2. Direct listeners to your website and resources your station/ministry partnerships have available – devotionals, ways to build a strong Christian marriage, tips on raising a Godly family, etc.
  3. Deepen partnerships with the ministries and speakers aired on the station – quote speakers and tag them (and the ministry)!

A quick Twitter tip – in terms of your tweet content, Twitter advises that brands should adhere to a ‘three C’s’ approach for optimal tweeting:

  • Concise
  • Clear
  • Conversational

Per Twitter: “The best performing Tweets are only 50-100 characters” Brevity has always been the central tenet of tweet engagement – which is why many users are opposed to longer tweets, (which are also in development).  The best performers are significantly shorter than the max tweet length, while prompting discussion – the ‘conversational’ element listed above is also key to sparking engagement, and building community around your presence.

As part of overall social media strategy, Twitter remains a potential means for radio station promotion, building community and with intentionality, feeding into the spiritual lives of your listeners.


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