By: Lee Ann Jackson April 24, 2017

Rushing through Heathrow, the signs over the moving walkways caught my attention – they read, “Face Direction of Travel.”

A simple yet, important reminder . . . whether on a moving walkway in a busy airport or journeying through our earthly days with our eyes set on our eternal home.

I had the privilege of speaking at the Novomedia Conference in Kyiv, Ukraine last month where I addressed an audience of Christian Journalists, Publishers and Broadcasters on the role of Social Media in Christian communications.

During the three day conference, I shared about a range of topics including the use of video to boost Social Media marketing to Social Media trends to watch for in 2017.

More importantly than social tips and trends though, I shared my Top Three Principles for Believers in Social Media – principles to help us face the direction of travel and, point others to do the same:

1. Be real – as we face the ups and downs of life, we need to share about our true source of joy and hope, Jesus Christ. [Tweet this!]

A conference attendee asked, “If we share about Christ and the Bible on Facebook, might we turn some people away?

My response, “if we don’t share about Christ and the Bible, who or what, are we turning others to?”

2. Be caring – when people post about disappointments and challenges, respond with care. Social Media platforms are where community happens and it provides a great opportunity for us to express Christ’s love, compassion and faithfulness!

3. Be authoritative – we’re speaking His truth into a world which needs to hear it. What greater authority do we need? Share His Word. [Tweet this!]

The #Novomedia17 conference included nearly 200 attendees representing four countries including the United States, Ukraine, Moldova and Kirgizstan.  As  Novomedia President Ruslan Kukharchuk  reflected, “we need to be rays of light in a dark world.”

A conference attendee thanked me for underscoring the importance of using Social Media to share about Christ.  He said, “Like John the Baptist said, “there needs to be more of Him, less of me.”

Indeed, Social Media is a tool for us to use in sharing about Christ and the spreading of the gospel  . . . we should steward it strategically as we face direction of travel towards heaven.

(Tweet me your tips for stewarding social media strategically for Christ!)


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