By: Peggy Campbell January 3, 2020

1-Cyrus was king when this Hebrew saw a vision while the men with him fled to hide themselves.

2-This bold prophet explained a vision from God to the King who responded with a prayer of thanksgiving, a psalm, you might say.

3-The Lord came to this disciple to tell him to go to the street called Straight and ask for a fellow from Tarsus.

4-He saw a man pleading for help, to cross over to Macedonia.

5-This prophet “saw the wheel, way up in the middle of the air.”  (Thank you, Woody Guthrie.)

6-Visited by Gabriel, he saw a vision and then kept silent.

7-He saw a large sheet lowered from heaven and in it were all the animals, reptiles, birds of earth.

8-Sitting on the Isle of Patmos, his vision resulted in the last book of the Bible.

9-His vision included seraphim with wings and a burning coal in hand that was touched to the prophet’s lips.

10-God came to him in a vision with promise of quite a heritage—even though without offspring at that time.

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