By: Peggy Campbell August 12, 2021

A little lesson in onomatopoeia this week—but spelling doesn’t matter … it’s all about the sound.

1-Inept Colonel of Hogan’s Heroes fame.

2-Space Ranger superhero starring in all four Toy Story movies.

3-Fabulously wealthy survivor of Gilligan’s Island.

4-Government official for USA accused as a spy for the Soviet Union in 1948.

5-Geeky, good-natured goofball from Saved by the Bell.

6-Former quarterback (primarily with Bengals) and sportscaster, anchor for the “Kitten Bowl” as well.

7-Aussie actor who played Maximus (Gladiator) among many memorable roles.

8-From Wonder Years, the love interest of lead character, Kevin Arnold.  (The actress now stars for Hallmark J!)

9-A member of the infamous Manson family, she attempted to assassinate President Gerald Ford in 1975 in Sacramento.

10-Deloris Van Cartier/Sister Mary Clarence, Guinan, Oda May Brown, and spokeswoman for Nurtec.

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