By: Peggy Campbell March 10, 2017

Hang onto your hats, folks … it’s been 50 years since:

1-Chevy’s iconic competition to the Mustang was introduced (actually in 9/66) with the ’67 model year.  My sister’s was electric blue.

2-Football players in Florida actually tested it in 1965 but it became a commercial product two years later when Stokely-Van Camp bought rights to sell the drink.

3-Proving the wisdom of “humble beginnings”—this series about an airborne clergywoman launched in 1967—and launched the career of an Oscar-winning star.

4-Not sure if he was “Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall” but in ’67 it was him alone with a tune about a transfixed stare.  Singer?  Song?

5-They say papa was one of these … Jann Wenner’s “baby” is first published this year.

6-His hopes at Presidential bid were shot down in 2008 but in ’67 he was shot down for the first time.  Who?  Where?

7-The first one in history happened just at the end of ’67 in South Africa.

8-This company launched the first one for Expo ’67.  Most recently, Sully was shown.  This summer watch for Dunkirk.

9-She crossed the Atlantic for the last time, settling into her new home—Long Beach CA.

10-First installed in Britain and now a global presence, this “abbreviated” transactor is often found at supermarkets and other high-traffic locations.

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