By: Jennifer Perez July 1, 2019

Do you look at your present circumstances and wonder about God’s purpose for your life?  It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the latest crisis, controversy or news story.  But Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth gives us an important reminder that God is at work in ways we can’t always see.  This week on “Revive Our Hearts,” Nancy shows us this from the story of Esther and we hope your listeners get to know this story even deeper as they tune in for this series and join together in Bible study.

Nancy says,

There are two ways of looking at life.  There’s the drama that you can see, and then there’s the drama behind the drama.

God has placed you in a place for His kingdom purposes right now, and you say, “My circumstances are not to my liking.”  God understands that, but He has a heavenly drama being played out, and you’re a player in it.  He has purposes that are big and eternal, and we don’t, at this moment, know what those purposes are.  We can’t see them.  That’s why we have to trust that they are secure.

Nancy reminds us that Esther is not the primary character in the book of Esther.  The primary character is God, whose name is never mentioned in the book, but it’s a series on the providence of God in the darkest moments of our lives.

Revive Our Hearts has produced a series of Bible studies called Women of the Bible and the latest study in this series has just been released.  It’s called Esther: Trusting God’s Plan.

To go along with the study, starting July 15th, listeners can tune in to the “Women of the Bible” podcast and study along for the next six weeks.  They can also join the designated Facebook group in order to be a part of an online community of women studying this material together.  We encourage you to help us share these ministry resources with your audience as it’s a great way for them to dig into God’s Word this summer.

Other program topics scheduled for July include how to be a mentor with Dannah Gresh, Nancy’s teaching on Psalm 37—having a calm heart in a troubled world, and a special interview with Crawford and Karen Loritts on marriage.

Program details and promotional copy are provided in July’s Program Tool Kit here.

On behalf of Nancy and the ministry, we thank you for your partnership!


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