By: Jennifer Perez February 17, 2020

“No matter how far the culture strays from the truth, there is always the hope of redemption in Jesus Christ.” – John Stonestreet in “A Student’s Guide to Culture”

There’s no doubt that the new decade ahead will surely be filled with all kinds of difficulties for Christians – but also countless opportunities for the church to be the church to the glory of God!

But how do we make this vision a reality?

We hold on to hope.

And that’s exactly what BreakPoint has helped one of its faithful listeners do:

Thank you for your efforts and discipline as you help us navigate and form a Godly perspective in these chaotic and scary times.  If not for some of your messages, I’d feel quite hopeless in knowing how to think about these challenges.

In a recent message to Colson Center supporters, John Stonestreet shared . . .

Even as the tumultuous 2019 recedes behind us, the rising 2020 promises to be equally if not more memorable, whether we like it or not.  Wars, revolutions, and natural disasters greet us each day, and Christians seem more divided than ever about how to approach the upcoming U.S. general election.

It may feel like each generation thinks itself faced with a unique set of circumstances, but many today would feel justified in believing that this presumption has some basis at last.  Nonetheless, our call as Christians remains the same yesterday, today, and forever more.  We are to follow the calling of Christ on our lives in the time and the place where He has called us.

We asked several Christian ministry and thought leaders for their insight for the days ahead.  Specifically, we asked them to reply to the following prompt question:  What are the most pressing issues that Christians will need to be prepared for in 2020?

You can read their responses here: What’s Ahead for the Church in 2020?

Feel free to share this symposium with your audience; perhaps it would make for lively on-air discussion with your listeners.

The Colson Center exists to keep believers informed, engaged, and encouraged in a challenging cultural moment.  But we can’t do it without your partnership.

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