By: Michelle Blood August 6, 2018

“The mouth is probably the truest indicator of the spiritual condition of a person.” – John MacArthur

Words are powerful. They give us the power to heal and the power to hurt.  To give hope and to discourage. There is no marriage, family, or friendship that isn’t either made stronger or weaker by the tongue. So how do we avoid the angry outbursts, cutting remarks, and unguarded responses that lead only to damage and regret?

Starting this week on “Grace to You,” John MacArthur shows us how we can follow God’s plan for managing the words we speak in any given situation—whether that’s verbally, in a text, blog, or a social media post.  Encourage listeners to learn more about Taming the Tongue, airing August 9-17.

Immediately following the series above, John begins another titled Abiding in Christ.  We know that in the final hours before his crucifixion Jesus said three simple words . . . abide in me.  But what does that mean?  How do you abide?  It’s a comforting and convicting study, one that will help listeners discover what it takes to bear spiritual fruit and the benefits as well as the cost of being connected to Christ.

It’s a don’t-miss month of “Grace to You” broadcasts that’s sure to equip your listeners in their daily Christian walk.  You can find the complete list of programming and corollary resources available in the Program Tool Kit here.

Speaking of resources, we’re excited to share that a few new ones will be released this fall–including John’s new book, Christ’s Call to Reform the Church (Moody Publishers) and the Spanish edition of Biblical Doctrine: A Systematic Summary of Bible Truth.  We’ll bring you more details in the coming months.

In the meantime, enjoy (as you’re able) the remaining hot summer days!


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