By: Michelle Blood April 29, 2019

On a regular basis we’re flooded with news reports that support same-sex marriage.  Popular entertainment magazines promote television shows and movies with adulterous story lines.  And then there are books lining the shelves that celebrate sexual sin.  It’s easy to see our society doesn’t have much regard for the biblical view of sexuality, marriage, and family–not even close.

So what does raising a Christian family in today’s culture look like?  Better yet, what is God’s plan for the family?

On “Grace to You,” John MacArthur helps listeners answer these questions and more in his study of The Fulfilled Family, airing this month (May 6-31).  Take a look at some of the other questions John will address:

  • What does God’s Word say about raising a healthy family?
  • How can a husband best love his wife?
  • Why and how should a wife submit to her husband?
  • What is the biblical goal in parenting a child?
  • What are the common mistakes parents make in child rearing?

It’s easy to see why this has been John’s most popular series in his 50 years of ministry.  It has provided families with sound biblical help they’ve needed and it can help your listeners today, too.  Encourage them to tune in and discover a plan that not only follows God’s design but can also bring contentment and a sense of purpose for their family.

Be sure to download the May Program Tool Kit for all the program details, including resources available this month that are a great companion to the month-long study.  A few of the resources are even being offered at no cost to listeners new to Grace to You.

By the way, as a reminder … I’m here to serve your station’s needs–whether that is related to programming or promotions.  You can always reach me via email or by phone (949-681-7648).

With Mother’s day in view … and coinciding with the programming in May … here’s a quote from John MacArthur.  Feel free to share it via social media or on your website.



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