By: Jennifer Perez March 27, 2017

When you consider what forces people to change, many say that fear serves as the most powerful motivator.  Business experts have determined that fear of failure or losing out to your biggest competitor can be a positive source of fuel for a company to achieve great success.

Pain can also be a powerful motivational tool.  In recent months, I’ve discovered that when I’m not exercising regularly, I experience back pain.  This pain has become a good motivator for me to exercise.  I resonate with Nike’s “Just Do It” philosophy even when I don’t feel like doing it.

While negative influences like these can bring about change, there are also positive motivators such as courage, creativity, and purpose.  Realizing God’s purpose for our life can bring about dramatic change and help redirect our focus going forward.

These days we believe that Christians are more interested in finding their role in ministry and being better equipped with a biblical worldview.  This is why we’re excited that the Colson Center is offering a special opportunity for you and your listeners to learn more about their Colson Fellows Program, a powerful nine-month entrepreneurial discipleship training program to help you put the Christian worldview into action.

The ministry invites you to join them for a free informational webinar hosted by Dr. Bill Brown, National Director of the Colson Fellows Program, on Tuesday, April 4 at 8:00PM ET.  Come have your questions answered and learn what it takes to become a Colson Fellow.  Register here!

If you have been a BreakPoint station partner for some time, then you are familiar with this study program.  However, you may not know that nearly 1,000 Colson Fellows are on the front lines of Christian ministry and influence in all walks of life.  Read what a Colson Fellow had to say about the program:

The Colson Fellows Program is an opportunity to sharpen your intellect and enlarge your heart for thinking about God’s mission in our culture through redeemed human beings. I am thankful for the time to connect, listen, and learn from gifted teachers and leaders who desire to press the gospel story into the brokenness of our world. It is a program designed to help you think Christianly in every facet of life.

Please encourage your listeners to get involved!  For more information and to apply:  Applications are due May 15.  The 2017-2018 class begins in August!


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