By: Michelle Blood March 27, 2017

The uniqueness of God is this…that when He is massively offended, he still comes to the offenders and warning them of the judgment to come offers them forgiveness.  It is that God who is hanging on the cross.” –John MacArthur 

Details. Precise observations that paint a picture. They’re the difference between simply reading a story and having a sense of being on the scene. That in mind, coming up on “Grace to You,” John MacArthur will help us prepare to worship this Resurrection Sunday by taking us to the scene at Calvary (Luke 23), opening our eyes to details we may have never considered before.  There’s no study more profound than this one, providing your listeners with a compelling perspective of what really happened at Calvary.  Encourage them to tune in for The Crucifixion Chronicle airing April 3-13…and, for The Resurrection Cover-Up airing Good Friday, April 14.

A great complement to this 2-week study is the classic Easter special, One Perfect Life, with John MacArthur.  Ideal for airing over two weekends leading up to Resurrection Sunday, both are immediately available via our FTP site.

One Perfect Life: “Jesus of Nazareth” (25:00)
Fully dramatized … the Scripture used “word-for-word” from the four Gospels-following Jesus through His final week before His death on the cross—is the powerful ministry of Jesus of Nazareth—including an invitation to accept Christ from host, John MacArthur. 

One Perfect Life: “Jesus the Messiah” (25:00)
Dramatized throughout in the words of Scripture, we follow those who were present with Jesus the Messiah in His death on the Cross, His burial and glorious Resurrection—with an invitation by host John MacArthur to make Jesus Lord and Savior.

Thank you for your part in unleashing God’s truth, one verse at a time.


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