By: Charley Mefferd September 13, 2016

This past week, Dr. John Sorensen, Evangelism Explosion president and host of Share Life Today, joined Tony Perkins, Kirk Cameron, Gary Bauer, Todd Starnes, George Barna and other leading Evangelicals to address the 2016 Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C.

John gave a rousing speech focused on reclaiming America from its moral slide through Christian activism and highlighting the ongoing work of Evangelism Explosion’s D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship in Washington, D.C. which serves as a gathering place for Christian legislators and their staffers on Capitol Hill.

John remarked, “What makes America different, what makes us exceptional among all the nations on this planet, are the men and women, and the ideas that founded and built this nation.  And those people and principles responsible for the blessings of liberty you and I enjoy today were unabashedly Christian.

“Sadly, America is not the nation it once was at its founding.” John reflected “We’re not the nation we were 30, 20, even 10 years ago. Things are changing, and the pace of change is picking up speed almost daily.

Quoting D. James Kennedy, John said, “We’re no longer on the slippery slope, we’re over the edge, hanging on by our fingernails.

“Is there hope left for America?  Is it possible that our nation, which is now celebrating, in its laws, open rebellion against God, will correct course and become, once more, a city set upon a hill?  A beacon of hope to the rest of the world?”  John answers yes, but it will only happen with a spiritual revival in our land.  He continued: “If you and I truly want to see American changed and redeemed, we must pray – pray that people will be changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ, and as individuals are changed, whole communities and our nation will be changed.  We certainly must vote in a way that expands our ability to carry out Christ’s mission here on earth.

He continued, “The bottom line is this: we must understand that real, enduring change only comes as the human heart is transformed, and that inner transformation is only made possible by faith in Jesus Christ. When the Gospel changes hearts and minds, then everything begins to change, and the same is true for Washington D.C. ”

The same passion and conviction that John brought to the stage in Washington, D.C. is what he brings every day to the radio with Share Life Today.  His driving force is to equip others to share the Good News about Jesus Christ in our everyday lives.  That’s the only way that a revival can come to our country.

If you would like to see John Sorensen’s entire address at the Values Voter Summit, click here and scroll down to find John’s speech.  To learn how you can add, Share Life Today with John Sorensen to your station, please contact me at

Charley Mefferd
Ambassador: We Connect.  Ministry and Media.


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