By: Jennifer Perez September 16, 2019

The statistics are discouraging.  According to the latest Pew Research surveys, America is less Christian than ever . . .

  • 56% believe in anything like the God of the Bible
  • 20% say they find meaning in faith (people are deriving meaning and determining truth elsewhere)
  • SECULAR – on most major issues defining our day, un-Christian views either are, or are perceived to be the norm

And even more alarming is the latest Barna survey stating that “only a tiny minority of practicing Christians hold anything like a biblical worldview.  And the more exposed they are to other ideas, the less Christian they get.”

  • 17% have anything close to a biblical worldview
  • 61% agree with major New Spirituality ideas that conflict with Christianity
  • 54% say no one can know for certain what purpose there is to life

PEOPLE UNDER 45 – came of age in a less Christianized context; they are:

  • Half as likely (27%) to attend church as their grandparents
  • Up to 8x more likely to accept the prevailing cultural views on major issues

So, how do we speak into the culture and help break the spiral of silence?  The future is visual (82% of internet traffic will be video by 2020) and so the Colson Center has launched a new video platform designed to equip millions of people to answer the hardest questions . . . in real life.  What Would You Say? provides concise answers to the toughest cultural questions, in a format that capitalizes on trends and technologies to reach and impact the most people.

As John Stonestreet shared on a recent BreakPoint program:

Every day on BreakPoint, our goal is to equip believers to live out their faith in the public square with clarity, confidence, and courage.  It’s the same mission Chuck was on when he launched this commentary decades ago.

And in the past few years, we’ve all watched the culture change at warp speed.  Christians are confronted with questions everywhere—from media, from skeptics, from friends and neighbors, even from our own children and grandchildren.  Too many Christians have no idea what to think, much less know what to say.

Here’s the good news: Good answers exist.  But, they can be hard to find.  Not anymore.

The Colson Center is launching a brand-new series of short videos that answer the toughest questions Christians face.  It’s called “What Would You Say?”  Think short, understandable, trustworthy, usable, and shareable answers.

For example, when an abortion supporter says, “a fetus doesn’t have a right to a mom’s body,” well, what would you say?  These videos will equip you to answer questions like that with clarity and confidence.

The first three videos are live right now: “Does Love Make a Family?” plus “Is Sex Assigned at Birth?” and “Does Life Begin at Conception?”

The questions are coming.  What would you say?  Learn more and sign up at


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