By: Michelle Blood August 2, 2016

There’s no doubt about it.  We’re living in an increasingly hostile culture these days.  It’s now more important than ever to equip ourselves (and your listeners) with God’s truth.  With that in mind, and so your listeners can make plans to tune in, here’s what your listeners need to know about “Grace to You® programming and resources offered this month that’ll prepare them for the days ahead.

First, John MacArthur continues his brand-new study on What Jesus Wants the Church to Know.  He takes listeners through the first two chapters of Revelation and provides insight into what should characterize a believer’s church.

Then starting in two weeks, another brand-new study from John which looks at some of the most popular (and mishandled) passages in Scripture.  Listeners will discover that the prodigal son parable, the story of the widow’s mites, and Jesus’ famous words “judge not that you not be judged” may not mean what they’ve always thought.  It’s a fascinating series and one that gets to the truth of Scripture.  Mishandled: Setting the Record Straight on Frequently Abused Verses airs August 15-28.

And coinciding with the launch of this series, Grace to You® will be posting blogs about some of these frequently abused verses.  You and your listeners are invited to stay updated on this subject and other timely content by signing up at

When listeners sign-up for the blog, encourage them to sign-up here for John’s mailing list too. If they sign up by August 17, the ministry will mail them an offer to receive a free copy of John’s new book, Remember and Return.  This new 31-day devotional book (released this fall) will take readers down a biblically prescribed path to rediscovering who Christ is, what He has done, and how we must respond to Him.

Finally … in case you missed it … earlier this week in the opening of the daily broadcast John MacArthur encourages vacation travelers to find a local radio station to hear “Grace to You®.” When there are so many options available for getting content, it’s clear this ministry understands radio is the primary source for delivering programming.  We trust this reassures you and your station of the value your partnership means to Grace to You®.

Blessings to you!

Michelle Blood
Ambassador: We Connect. Ministry & Media.


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