By: Jennifer Perez August 19, 2019

There are various news stories being circulated about Christian leaders who have announced that they are rejecting their faith and embracing ideas that are counter to Scripture.  While the news is disheartening, it should serve as a lesson for us about the importance of seeking Truth and developing a biblical worldview.

On a recent BreakPoint program, John Stonestreet shared about coming across a video that he would call “YouTube Gold,” the phrase used these days for “an oldie-but-a-goodie” video.  It was a classic Chuck Colson speech.  He spoke with passion and conviction on four things that must characterize Christians today.  John makes the statement that the points Chuck makes are especially in need of repeating today (and I couldn’t agree more!), especially these first two as John shares . . .

First, Christians must develop a biblically-formed worldview.  At other times and places, the broad cultural consensus may have lined up with Christian truth, but no more.  Of course, that goes without saying today.  Twenty years ago, when Chuck said this to his Grand Rapids audience, it was every bit as true, but not nearly as obvious.

Today, that you might be confronted in your Christian beliefs by someone with a deeply different perspective on life and the world is not a hypothetical scenario.  At the neighborhood cookout, over the water cooler, across the Thanksgiving table, on social media, it’s going to happen.  Even worse, you might even be asked questions directly, in a setting where you hold the minority viewpoint.  A viewpoint that’s not only considered to be wrong, but considered to be dangerous.

Which brings up Chuck’s second point.  Not only do we need to develop a biblically formed worldview, but we need to know that worldview well enough to defend it.  This is exactly what Peter meant when he said to be prepared to give an answer for the hope that is within you.

In light of the conversations we are all facing, the question is why shouldn’t we be better prepared?  As Chuck said in that speech two decades ago, every Christian must know a Christian worldview well enough to defend it.  When we don’t, we remain silent, and then bad ideas rule the day.

You’ll have to watch the video to get the other points!

Watch: Chuck Colson speaks at the Abraham Kuyper and Leo XIII Conference

Faithfulness to Christ means being prepared and The Colson Center provides many resources to help your listeners do this.  Just by airing their daily radio programs, “BreakPoint” and “The Point,” you are equipping your community to develop and defend a biblically-formed worldview.


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