By: Michelle Blood May 28, 2019

“I believe superficial preaching of the Gospel produces false conversion.  The deep, true, honest, biblical preaching of the Gospel—with its high demands and its grasp of divine sovereignty and divine grace—is the tool the Spirit uses to convert people.”  — John MacArthur

So how can someone know they’re truly saved, and not deceived?

John MacArthur addresses that question in his study The Way to Heaven on “Grace to You” starting June 3.  This 2-week series is one of Grace to You’s top 12 airing this year in celebration of the ministry’s 50th anniversary.  In it John takes an in-depth look at the only path to salvation showing your listeners how to spot even the most convincing false gospels.  During this study, John will also outline the cost of following Christ and the necessity of obedience.  Not popular subjects but yet many people have benefitted from hearing this series–hence why it is one of the most popular ones.  Phil Johnson, executive director for the ministry and announcer for the broadcast, even noted that these particular sermons set the course for John’s preaching, fifty years ago.

We’re confident listeners will benefit too from this series of messages as well as the one that follows … The Man Who Would Be Christ (airs June 17-28).  It’s John’s study on Christ’s second coming, and the rise of the Antichrist.  He’ll provide answers to questions such as “What can Christians know about the Antichrist?” “How will he come to power?” … and, more importantly, John will explain why your listeners should care.

Be sure to download the June Program Tool Kit for complete details on the programs and what resources the ministry is offering during the month.  In fact, one resource might prove very helpful to any listener wondering if their eternal life is secure.  Encourage them to get Is it Real?–a booklet that provides 11 biblical tests for genuine salvation.  It’s available free as a download here.

Summer is here!  Well, almost.  We just returned from a vacation in New England with family where temps were much cooler than anticipated, especially for May.  Yet, we still had a memorable week.  Wherever you are this summer, praying your days are spent enjoying time together with loved ones, no matter what the weather may bring.



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