By: Jennifer Perez December 9, 2019

My pastor refers to them as “the lily and poinsettia crowd”—those who only come to church on Easter and Christmas.  While we may joke about that “label” for church visitors, the reality is that those who don’t know Christ are more open to the Gospel during this season than at any other time.

I recently came across this statistic: 63% of Americans think Christmas should include a visit to church, but only 47% get there.  Many are willing to come; they just want to be invited by a friend, neighbor, or family member.

And at this time of year, you’re probably talking about Jesus more than any other time except maybe Easter.  Your unsaved friends and family no doubt notice.  So what better time than to invite them to a Christmas Eve service?  It’s never too early in this holiday season to start inviting friends to join you.

In an upcoming broadcast, Jim Garlow encourages listeners with this message . . .

Don’t come empty handed to your Christmas Eve service!

A beautiful candlelight service is a great venue for evangelism, as even the secular world has a different spirit about it, one more inclined toward generosity and good will.  And, of course, we’re always eager to see what God has in mind, drawing people from far and wide to Him.  Don’t stop talking about Jesus.  Invite many, and then believe God moves in ways we might not anticipate.

And one more thing: Don’t let fear prevent you from sharing the message of Christmas.  Rather, let the peace Jesus brings reign in your heart.

So, who will you be inviting to church this Christmas?

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