By: Charley Mefferd March 27, 2017

As Christians prepare to worship our risen Savior this Easter Sunday, we recognize the day means little more than bunnies and eggs to most Americans.

So how can we best use the Easter season to witness to our unsaved family and friends?

During the two weeks leading up to Holy Week, John Sorensen, president of Evangelism Explosion, will seek to equip and encourage Christian radio listeners to do just that through a special series of Share Life Today broadcasts.

As John’s series begins, he asks listeners to examine their own salvation, so they can confidently articulate Christ’s saving work on the cross. The joy of Easter only makes sense if Jesus Christ’s atoning death, burial and resurrection is understood in light of how His perfect life and sacrifice paid for our sins.

Next, John discusses how to challenge the skeptics’ claim that there is no afterlife, showing how that false comfort actually leads to eternal death.

Then, John outlines how we can prove the deity of Christ and the truth of the resurrection by showing Christ’s life and death as the fulfillment of hundreds of prophecies made 1,000 years prior to Jesus’ birth. As he says, “Only God could have inspired the psalmist David to write the words that ‘He was despised and rejected by men,’ His bones were out of joint, his tongue was parched and his hands and feet were pierced. We’re even told that His accusers would gamble over His clothing.” Additionally, John addresses the importance of the 500 eyewitnesses who saw Jesus after He rose from the dead, proving that He conquered sin and death!

John wraps up his series by challenging Share Life Today listeners to simply invite someone they know to church.  Google searches for churches spike at Christmas and Easter, but people often are hesitant to attend a church alone.  Easter offers a perfect opportunity to invite someone to church and to pray that the Lord will use the worship service to draw them closer to the Risen Christ.

If you don’t already air Share Life Today in your market, now is a perfect time to add John Sorensen’s wonderful daily one-minute feature to your lineup. And from all of us at Ambassador and Evangelism Explosion, we hope you have a blessed Easter. He is Risen Indeed!


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