By: Peggy Campbell June 14, 2019

Is He Worthy” or “Come Thou Fount”?

Newsboys or Bill Gaither?

Magnificent pipe organ or guitar and drums—maybe even saxophone!

We’re surrounded by upheaval–Sears is no longer the anchor store in the mall, no one has a home phone anymore, “Beyond Meat” is the most up-and-coming startup on the stock exchange and we have a President who tweets for communicating with the nation.  It seems like there is no sphere of culture that isn’t in some measure of change, even upheaval.

Including worship.

I have been in church for more than 60 years and I have never heard it said that—worship is warfare!  Maybe you haven’t heard that (yet) either.  Take a minute (actually less than four) to listen to Max Lucados insightful reminder of what worship is intended to do.  I think you’ll find it encouraging no matter which side of the above ledger you may find yourself on :).

In even shorter time than this video, Max delivers the same impact in the daily UpWords feature … so grateful for Max’s ability to succinctly share truth in such a winsome manner—and for station partners who provide that conduit of encouragement to thousands daily.

And I’m also grateful that next Sunday I’ll be lifting my own voice with a new and refreshed perspective on … worship!

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  • Joy Stumbo

    Excellent reminder! And excellent video! Thnx for sharing!


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