By: Charley Mefferd December 27, 2019

A new decade has begun and it seems that the United States is gripped by constant division.  I wish I could predict a calmer 2020, but with an impeachment trial and presidential election looming, it doesn’t look like the partisan rancor will tone down anytime soon.

Arguments and factional bickering don’t limit themselves to the public square but also occur in the church.  Someone once said, “You can’t argue someone into heaven.”  And that’s true!  I have seen many well-meaning Christians actually hurt their testimony or witnessing efforts because they’d rather win a theological debate than compassionately share the gospel.

On a recent Share Life Today broadcast, John Sorensen, president of Evangelism Explosion, warns against being too argumentative when dealing with a skeptic.  He said:

Any skillful debater can easily win a point in an argument, but by doing so we can arouse hostilities in the person and lose the opportunity to share the Good News.  So, I encourage you to never argue. Tell them you appreciate their statement and either respond to their objection or tell them you’ll research the answer and get back to them.   We need to avoid the tendency to want to “win an argument” at all costs.

If you’d like help your listeners learn to better handle some common objections to the gospel, Evangelism Explosion would be happy to send you a batch of “Reasonable Answer for Honest Skeptics” pocket guides for on-air giveaways.  If you’re interested, please drop me a note at


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