By: Lee Ann Jackson March 16, 2023

A picture is worth a thousand words.  When you’re posting on Instagram though, the words in your caption also play an integral part in getting people to stop scrolling and focus on your post.

A well-written caption can encourage likes, comments, shares and even website visits from your Instagram bio.  In fact, according to Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram, the time people spend with Instagram photos and Instagram stories is a very important factor that the Instagram algorithm takes into consideration when ranking content.

Enter Hootsuite’s Artificial Intelligence-powered Instagram caption generator.

This free new tool will equip your radio station’s social team with engaging captions for your photo and video posts  . . . in seconds.

How to use the Hootsuite AI Instagram Generator:

  1. Select a style or tone that suits your brand: Start by choosing your preferred tone or style from the dropdown list.  The generator features over 60 unique tone and style options.  You can chose “friendly” or you can choose “dry” (you can even choose “Queen of England” as a style!).
  2. Briefly describe your image or video: Since the generator can’t see your photo or video, you need to make your description detailed.  Add adjectives and visual descriptors to help it capture the aesthetic of four post.  For example, instead of simply saying “a picture of our radio station studio,” say “a picture of our on-air announcer joyfully going on the air in the brightly lit morning studio.”
  3. Click Generate Caption: Once you’ve entered your style and description, click the generate caption button and it will provide you with a suggested caption in a few seconds.  You can copy and paste the caption into your Instagram post.

Just for fun, here are two examples of the Hootsuite AI generated caption using the copy example above:

  • Shakespeare style generated caption:  “Good morrow, friends!”  ‘Tis I, your faithful announcer, ready to bring you the day’s news with a smile and a song!  Let us begin!”
  • Formal style generated caption: “Ready to start the day with a smile! Tune in to hear the latest news and updates from our morning show! #OnAir #StudioLife #MorningShow

Take a moment to test out Hootsuite’s AI Instagram Generator.  (If you have an extra moment, send me the captions it generates for your station . . . I’d love to read them!)


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