By: Lee Ann Jackson January 2, 2018

 NRB 2018 is just around the corner – as you begin to make plans to attend, following are 10 tips that will help you make the most of your NRB Convention experience:

  1. Do some convention prep work. Check the NRB web siteschedule, speaker line-up and topics.  Be sure to gather social media handles and connect with folks before NRB.
  2. Details count! Dig deeper into the NRB site for organization or speaker milestones being marked, organizational changes (transitions, mergers), or roll out of new products. Next, consider how it impacts your station or organization and, if it does, make a point to connect while at NRB to learn more!
  3. Pack your “go-to” stash – NRB includes long days and lots of fellowship, be prepared with essentials such as breath mints, gum and eye drops. (You’re welcome.)
  4. Bring extra clothes. Be prepared.  It’s a good idea to have an extra outfit “just in case” . . . spills happen.
  5. Identify speakers you are most looking forward to hearing and start following him or her on all your favorite social media platforms.  Then,  engage with speakers – let them know you’re looking forward to learning from them and ask questions. Share their content and be sure to leave comments and likes.  Engagement is very appreciated by even the biggest of influencers and, you will have established a relationship before meeting – big plus!
  6. Carry plenty of business cards that you can hand out to people – yes, people do still ask for business cards.  And, always have a pen with you to write notes down on the back of business cards so you can remember specifics about each person you meet.
  7. A great tip I learned from a colleague, follow up the same day.  No matter how long the day and what time you get back to your hotel room, follow up with the people you met that same day.  This is a great way to remember details about them and, communicate how much you appreciated meeting them!
  8. Hashtags are your friend. As is the case with most conferences, NRB uses a hashtag to promote the event and encourages speakers and attendees to use.  Start using #Proclaim18 now to connect with others and to keep up-to-date on NRB happenings.
  9. Hydrate. As NRB veterans know, the Gaylord Resort and Convention Center is huge and you’ll be walking around a lot. You may not feel it at first, but all of that walking and talking can easily dehydrate you.
  10. Create a post-convention action plan.  After the NRB Convention has concluded, you might get tempted to disregard those business cards you picked up and get back to the business of the day. Don’t! Instead, sit down and create an action plan. Maybe this plan will involve writing a few important e-mails to reconnect with new acquaintances. Maybe it’s calling the new vendor you met in the Exposition hall. Or, perhaps it’s to send a thank you note to a ministry thanking them for the NRB touch point.

Be sure to include Ambassador in your post-convention action plan too  . . . you’ll want to visit our website and Facebook page for NRB afterglow (and pictures!).

And, let me know your tips to maximizing the NRB experience so we can add them to the list!



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