By: Lee Ann Jackson November 2, 2023

Your listeners are likely already looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is also a prime opportunity for radio stations to connect with their listeners beyond the airwaves as they spend more time on social during the holidays.

Many of your listeners have likely already started their Christmas shopping and with 74% of consumers reported to rely on social media to guide their purchasing decisions, Thanksgiving is the ideal holiday to have your station stand out on social media.

Here are 10 post ideas to help you start planning your best Thanksgiving social media strategy: 

1.Thank your listeners

‘Tis the season for thankfulness! Show your radio station’s gratitude on social media and thank your listeners with a social post.

Tip: Keep in mind that as people scroll through their social media sites, they’re much more likely to stop and look at a post if there is a good-looking image. Not every radio station has a person on staff who has a degree in graphic design. There are, however, great tools, like Canva, that can help anyone create beautiful graphics.

2. Contribute to the community

Canned food drives are simple to organize and share about on social media.  Your station might consider partnering with local churches to extend the outreach.

3. Share a thankful Bible verse

Psalm 9:1 says, “I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart: I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.” There are plenty of verses in the Bible that remind us to give thanks. Posting verses on social media is a great way to show your station’s thankfulness and at the same time, remind listeners of God’s promises.  Here’s a list of 35 Thanksgiving Bible verses.

4. Post a Thanksgiving quote

Quote graphics make for some of the most highly shared content on social media.  Here’s a list of Thanksgiving quotes for you to consider sharing.

5. Create a poll

Post a poll asking people to vote for their favorite Thanksgiving food.  Polls are a great way to increase people’s engagement with your radio station’s social media pages.

6. Ask questions

“Tell us 3 things you’re thankful for today” – questions are a great way to spark conversation and a question like this one keeps the focus on the season!

7. Tag someone you’re thankful for

A post asking people to tag their friends is another great way to grow your social community! Also, reading the reasons why respondents are thankful for people they tag is a creative way to keep folks on your social pages longer – something Meta likes and will reward by pushing your content out to more users! 

8. Share special recipes for Thanksgiving dinner

Ask your listeners on-air and on social media, to visit your radio station’s social pages and share their preferred Thanksgiving recipes in the comment section of the post.

9. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without . . .

A fill-in the blank post like this one is another effective way to engage your listeners on social media.  Also, be sure to encourage your radio hosts to share responses on-the-air (and invite other listeners to reply on the post) – making for both great on-air and social media content!

10. Host a Thanksgiving give-away

Run a Facebook or Instagram giveaway to encourage engagement on your social pages.  You could do a “guess how many contest” by posting a picture of a jar filled with Thanksgiving treats. Or, combine the sharing of a recipe with a competition on the “Best Thanksgiving Recipe” and have your listeners vote on your social pages.  You might even reach out to local business to craft a creative holiday partnership highlighting both their services/goods and your radio station – maybe invite listeners to tag a friend in the post comment for an opportunity to win dinner for two at a local restaurant or a gift certificate to use towards the purchase of their Thanksgiving dinner sides.

Thanksgiving is an important time of the year to express gratitude to others – these are just a few of the many ways your radio station can give thanks to listeners this season!

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