By: Lee Ann Jackson June 8, 2023

You’ve uploaded the perfect image, written the catchy caption, selected the key hashtags and hit ‘go’ on your Instagram post.  You can cross this task off your to-do-list for the day.

Not exactly.

It’s been a longstanding rumor that the first 30 minutes after posting defines how well your post will perform.  However, it’s also been rumored that if you post something and just leave the app, Instagram will punish you with lower reach.

The best way to navigate the ever-changing algorithm that is Instagram?  Doing a few simple tasks immediately after posting has the potential to give your post a nice little boost.

Do these three things after posting:

  1. Look at your previous post and reply to comments you haven’t replied to. When you reply to comments, it shows your dedication and fosters meaningful connections.  Your active participation encourages discussions, builds trust, and creates a sense of community . . . leading to an enriching online experience for everyone involved.
  2. Like all the comments on previous posts so you send them notifications.  The notifications will can increase the chances of them returning to your profile and engaging with your future posts.
  3. Leave a few comments on other pages where your target audience visits.  Don’t underestimate the value of this step – it’s a quick and useful way to get better engagement and response on Instagram.

Staying social is key.  And consistently doing so on a regular basis and schedule that works for you is crucial.  Instagram algorithm rewards engaging content so make sure you don’t post and ghost . . . keep the conversation going!


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