By: Peggy Campbell June 10, 2021

… ah, 1971 was a very good year indeed!

1-Quaker Oats produced two candy bars in conjunction with release of this highly successful “Candy Man” film.

2-A little coffee shop opened in Seattle, offering a free mug of coffee—samples to lure customers into paying $1.25 a pound for freshly roasted beans.

3-A popular soda debuted a peace-pleading commercial, gathering a diverse crowd on a mountain top.  Name the drink.  Name the tune they all sang.

4-These boxes offered a variety of flavored mixes to help stretch a pound of ground beef.

5-Speaking of hamburgers, McDonald’s introduced what popular menu item this year?

6-In Vernon CA, Jose-Luis Saavedro revamped and introduced his hot sauce, now found on most tables at Mexican restaurants.

7-The Instant one may have changed its popularity but this Rival slow-cook product ruled the kitchen for 50 years.

8-In Boulder CO,  this tea company began by selling baggies filled with homemade herb blends.  I had a collection of every flavor—I loved the boxes!

9-The pandemic has likely brought this once hugely popular dining option to an end.  But it all began at a Chicago restaurant (R.J. Grunts) where people loaded their plates.

10-Developed in Japan, with an “Irish”-ification added in the USA, this was the first instant ramen in containers.

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