By: Lee Ann Jackson August 27, 2018

One of my stand-out memories with my children is our visit to London.  A highlight of the stop was seeing Westminster Abbey. There aren’t words to describe its beauty and pictures do not do it justice.

Westminster Abbey houses a magnificent sanctuary which Anne Graham Lotz referred to in a recent “Living in the Light” radio program as the “grand cathedral in downtown London . . . a glorious place with lots of history.”

Anne shared that in earlier days, when visiting the Abbey, you’d go into a narthex to buy a ticket and be given a guide book. The whole purpose of the narthex was to buy a ticket, get your guide book and then, go to the next door, present your ticket, and the door would be opened – you’d then be ushered into the magnificent sanctuary of Westminster Abbey.

I love the analogy Anne makes about Westminster Abbey noting that this life is like the narthex of a grand cathedral:

In this life, we get our ticket when we come to the cross, we confess our sins, ask God to forgive us and He gives us eternal life. That’s our ticket. We get our guidebook, the Scripture, and it tells us something of what we will see on the other side. When it comes to our point of death, we present our ticket, the doors open and we are ushered right into the grand sanctuary of our Father’s house. It’s a privileged relationship.

In her message, Anne shares that she wants to know God better today than yesterday:

For me, to know God, I have to step out of my comfort zone — if you just know God in the comfortable confines of what you think you can control, of what you can do, then you only know God to a certain extent. Your life is eternally significant. You have a purpose. You have preordained works to do.

Anne then poses two key life questions I’ve taken to heart:

  1. What’s the work He’s given you to do?
  2. How will you know if you don’t pray?

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