By: Haley Jessup August 22, 2017

“A merciful community bears one another’s burdens.” —Don Stephens

Can you imagine a community that’s willing to sit with you in the trenches, rejoice with you in the victories, and give freely in your times of need—no strings attached?

This is what it’s like onboard The Africa Mercy.

The volunteers pay room and board to serve the poor … but their generosity doesn’t stop there.

On a recent broadcast of The Mercy Minute, Don Stephens tells the story of a crew member whose father had fallen ill. He used all of his savings to fly home, and—as the eldest son in the family—had to contribute to the funeral once his father passed away.

That’s where the crew emergency fund came in … this man received a $500 grant to help pay for the funeral. And who contributes to this fund? You guessed it … the volunteer crew who choose to give above and beyond what’s asked of them.

When I look back on seasons that were trying, it’s not the challenges that stand out, but the significant impact of the acts of mercy, both big and small, that I received from my community.

As Don says, “Now you go, bear someone’s burden by showing mercy today.”

If you’re not yet airing The Mercy Minute and would like to, let me know!


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