By: Hannah Bare January 20, 2020

Is it too late to add another New Year’s resolution?

One of my favorite ways to bring in the New Year is by cracking open a brand new planner filled with 365 blank dates – endless possibilities! As I did this not too long ago, a recent UpWords feature caught my attention.

“When you open your door to someone, you are sending this message: ‘You matter to me and to God.’”

Hearing these words, I thought to myself… hospitality, check! That’s one thing I don’t have to add to my checklist of New Year’s resolutions.

Or do I?

The more I pondered this, the more I began to second guess my initial reaction.

So often when I begin writing my resolutions I start with my weaknesses. I mean, rightfully so, but what if I started to embrace further utilizing gifts I already have?

What if one of my resolutions could be to further develop and utilize a God-given gift?

I mean who’s to say all resolutions have to be as painful as exercising and working on patience? (Although those are still on my list).

So here it is … a New Year’s resolutions I’m looking forward to developing! With the always encouraging words of Max Lucado, I found myself adding not only a new resolution to my list but also more opportunities to fill my planner.

I hope you and your listeners are as inspired as I was by Max’s few basic practices for implementing a hospitable lifestyle.

• Issue a genuine invitation. Let your guests know you want them to come.
• Make a big deal of their arrival. One of God’s children is coming to your house!
• Address the needs of your guests. Modern-day hospitality includes the sharing of food and drink along with time to talk and listen.
• Send them out with a blessing. Make it clear you are glad your guests came. Offer a prayer for their safety and a word of encouragement for their travel.

As always, we want to begin this New Year by thanking you for your continued partnership with this uplifting ministry.


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