By: August 28, 2017

My son Joshua works part-time at Wal-Mart while going to college.  He told me this week that his work schedule may be changing because one of his supervisors is out on medical leave.   His supervisor is nineteen, single, and pregnant.  Apparently, she was experiencing complications with her pregnancy and will probably have the baby early.

Joshua doesn’t know her very well but he said something about her that stopped me in my tracks.   He said she has courage.

He knows she’s made some poor choices and that her life is pretty tough.  He also said that some people at work had told her to get an abortion but that she decided from the beginning that she was going to keep her baby.

Joshua acknowledged that with all the challenges she faces now, and will face, as a single, young, working mom, the decision to keep her baby takes courage.

Brad Mattes often shares stories about courageous and amazing women on his daily 1:00 pro-life program, “Life Issues” – in fact, he recently shared about Jennifer Christie, a victim of brutal rape who was left for dead by her assailant. She became pregnant as a result of the rape and has a son.  Jennifer says she’s been called “amazing” and yet, though she appreciates the heart of the person who said that, she notes that she is being called an “amazing” woman because she loves her son.

Brad shares about Jennifer,

“Would you be offended for being called an “amazing” parent because you love your child?  Jennifer’s son is her child . . . he’s her husband’s child and more importantly, as Jennifer says, he’s a child of God.  As she shares, an innocent child should never bear the anger and vitriol intended for the criminal.”

Brad goes on to say that he calls Jennifer “amazing” for another reason — she is daily working to forgive the man who sexually assaulted her — who intended to kill her.

Amazing and courageous describes many of those on the front lines of “life” – thank you for sharing their stories with your listeners . . . and, for your prayers for them and their babies!

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